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Tree Planting

Roadhire was founded in 2012 by Glen and Wendy Wallis who currently reside in the Northern NSW hinterland. In the last two years, tree-clearing has tripled in New South Wales, leaving important koala habitats incredibly fragmented or completely lost and urban expansion continues to threaten koalas through vegetation loss and vehicle strikes. In 2017 as a preliminary exercise, 100 native trees were planted to see how well the trees survived and it was an astounding success.

Considering the existence of koalas on the owners property, they worked with Bangalow koalas to join one koala corridor to another. On the 10th of August 2019, 400 trees were planted on the property thanks to the support of Linda Sparrow of Bangalow Koalas and a host of volunteers. It was a huge success and the trees are looking very happy and healthy.

So with that came an incentive for Roadhire through the support of our customers to contribute to benefit the local koala habitat-through land revegetation, and message board awareness campaigns near known Koala corridors.

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Kids Planting

There are no complex carbon credits, no company tax deductions and there are no fancy bumper stickers we will supply. What you will receive is progress updates of our revegetation efforts -of the trees you have contributed to plant, and the opportunity one day visit them. More than anything, an understanding that you have directly contributed to helping save one of our most famous ( and pretty cute) marsupials. If you choose to do business with Roadhire, we choose to give something back to the planet in your name, simple as that.