Portable Traffic Lights

Portable Traffic Lights – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern NSW

Portable Traffic Lights – Trailer mounted and solar powered.

Our Solar powered portable traffic signals can be an essential item for road construction and can provide a huge cost saving compared to manual contraflow. Our Lights have a master and slave unit that tow as one item and then separated on site. They communicate via wireless radio signal as a pair up to 1km apart.

They have three control settings available;

  • vehicle  detection sensors – allowing for free flowing traffic the sensors monitor incoming traffic and will automatically allow vehicles in providing no traffic is entering from the other end of site. This saves vehicles queuing unnecessarily and creating traffic issues.
  • Timed settings that can be manually entered to suit the speed rating and distance of controlled area.
  • Wireless or cabled remotes giving road construction works to hold all traffic to carry out works or giving large  plant or vehicles entry and exit from site.This can also be achieved manually at the master unit.