Absorb 350 End Treatments

absorb 350

Absorb 350 Crash Cushions

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern NSW

The Absorb 350 system is a water filled non directive, gating crash cushion that is approved to NCHRP Test Level 2 (70km/h) in QLD and NSW.

The Absorb 350 system can be attached to permanent or temporary (concrete or steel) barriers without the need to anchor the Absorb 350 system to the roadway surface. At 610mm wide, it is ideal for narrow areas where road and work space is limited. It can be used at construction work zones, exits, wide medians, edge of road locations and any site where it is desirable for the post impact trajectories to be on the back side of the system.
The ABSORB 350™ is designed to absorb the impact energy of an errant vehicle in accordance with NCHRP 350 guidelines for Non Re-directive, Gating, Crash Cushions. The system is designed to attach to Permanent or Portable Concrete Barrier (PCB) with section lengths of at least 3.1 metres.

When attached in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, the ABSORB 350 system is capable of safely stopping a 2000kg pickup truck impacting the system at 70kph and 0 degrees and an 820kg compact vehicle impacting the system at 70km/h, 0 degrees and with an offset of the vehicle and system centrelines of one-fourth the vehicle width. When properly installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations the ABSORB 350™ system shall be fully tested to and meet the recommended structural adequacy, occupant risk, and vehicle trajectory criteria set forth in NCHRP 350 for Test Level 2 Non Re-directive, Gating, Crash Cushions (NCHRP 350 TL-2): Impact at 0 degrees at w/4 offset (centreline of vehicle offset 1/4 width of vehicle from centreline of system) at 70kph with an 820kg vehicle. This is Test 2-40 of NCHRP 350.


Work zones or other temporary applications to shield portable concrete barrier on asphalt, concrete, gravel or dirt when speed of deployment and removal is essential.  Can also be used in permanent applications.