Water Filled Barriers

Water filled barriers

Water Filled Traffic Barriers Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern NSW

 The Triton Water Filled Traffic Barriers are road safety product that provides energy-absorbing protection for pedestrians, road workers and motorists. Barrier sections are filled on site with water to absorb collision energy – redirecting vehicles away from work crews and minimizing damage to cars and their occupants. The Triton TL-2 is easy to install, utilizing a series of 2 meter sections interlocked by a steel cable and pin.

Water filled barriers can be used in any situation where you need to separate people or vehicles from potential dangerous situations. Triton TL2 barriers have been successfully crash tested under and are currently approved for roadworks up to 50 kph in NSW and 70 kph in Queensland.

Our lightweight water filled barriers systems are easily transportable and once interlocked and filled with water on site, they are a maintenance free sturdy barrier, with no pins to go missing. It consists of a number of interlocking, 2 m (6.5 ft) sections made of polyethylene plastic and an internal steel framework. The Triton Barrier’s performance meets the FHWA NCHRP 350 TL-2 standard for longitudinal re-directive barrier.

The Triton Barrier is certified as its own end treatment, saving deployment time and hardware expenses. The last ten sections of Triton Barrier, when oriented properly in relation to traffic and according to the end treatment instructions provided by Energy Absorption Systems, serve as the crash worthy end treatment for this barrier system.

Whether the requirement is to redirect, separate or delineate traffic, protect pedestrians and road workers from moving vehicles, or provide a high visibility presence for events such as cycle road races, triathlons and other sporting activities.
We provide an emergency response service for emergencies including fires, floods, natural and man made disasters. Our range of water filled safety barriers will provide you with many years of service and protection and is effective in all climatic and weather conditions.

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