Speed Check Signs

Speed Check Signs Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern NSW

Our Speed Check Signs records and flashes the speed a driver is travelling at, and then switches to “Slow Down” if a vehicle has exceeded the set speed limit.

These boards are extremely effective for assisting in road safety in areas such as; road construction, school areas, residential streets and private work areas such as loading depots and car parks.

The boards have programmable technology to set changes in roadwork conditions and speed limits, school zone times and school holidays and can be easily programmed and accessed by the customer using a laptop and Bluetooth connection or alternatively by remote internet access. They have a recorder inside the sign that logs what time a vehicle goes past the sign and what the vehicles speed was. You can then download this as a log and also as a graph.

Speed Check signs are available with a range of mounting and power supply options such as solar powered, battery or mains power.

Road Hire offers the most effective, dependable and versatile radar speed check signs, intelligent traffic signs and variable speed limit signs available. Our radar display signs unfailingly deliver measurable results in all weather and lighting conditions.

Speed checks  have the effect of influencing drivers to comply with speed limits. They function by measuring the speed of individual vehicles and, if the vehicle is travelling above the target speed, direct a message to the driver telling them they are exceeding the limit or that they should slow down. Our Speed Check signs provides a strong cue and helps changing the drivers behavior in the particular environment. Most people feel uncomfortable if they are not doing the right thing and know they are being observed not doing the right thing.

Overall, the results showed a positive improvement at the sites with some reduction in speed limits.

Roadhire can provide and traffic safety management package to suit your needs.