Portable lighting

PR power 400

Mobile Lighting Towers designed for use in applications including construction, industrial, road works and civil works.

With a 9m hydraulic mast and four 1000w Metal Halide Lamps, producing up to 4,200sq.m of light illumination for maximum visibility they are also super silent rated at 62dBA@7m. These features make the lighting tower ideal for use in noise and environmentally sensitive areas.

Fitted with Auto Controllers enables the lights to switch on and off automatically at dusk and dawn. This assists in reducing labour costs, fuel consumption, and emissions.light balloonwacker light balloon





Our light weight and simple to set up light balloons feature a compact and flexible design that quickly provides light where you need it with maximum flexibility. The elliptical shape of the lamp shade with the powerful 1000 W metal halide lamp offers maximum brightness without glare. That makes it particularly suitable for road building sites. The height of the light point above ground is 5 meters and can be plugged directly into mains power or from a small quiet 2 kva generator.