CCTV Outdoor Portable Safety Camera

CCTV Outdoor Portable Safety Cameras

CCTV Outdoor Portable Safety Cameras Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern NSW Available as a portable stand-alone camera unit complete with trailer or easily attached and also powered by one of our message boards. CCTV Outdoor Portable Safety Cameras are the most advanced technology available in Australia today for the delivery of fixed or temporary remote vision solutions. Accessible by a webpage providing archived vision and data.

Roadhire offers the Eagle Eye, a 24/7 remote vision and data monitoring product that offers increased flexibility for the management and safety of road construction projects.
These traffic management products allow engineers and project managers to monitor real time traffic flows and site security from a PC or laptop running just an internet browser.
The Eagle Eye allows staff to keep 24/7 watch on construction sites at a minimal cost. The web application that remotely monitors the Eagle Eye also provides archived vision and data.

The Eagle Eye proved its capabilities during the devastating Queensland floods when it beamed back real time footage to a desktop PC via the Telstra G 3G network providing emergency authorities with graphic information on the rising flood waters on the Leichhardt Highway. CCTV Outdoor Traffic Safety Cameras

Normally, traffic flows do not vary much from day to day, but in the event of a severe accident or road closure, a traffic alert can be extremely valuable for a time-crunched commuter.
Valuable data – Along with monitoring the roads for accidents or major closures, footage from traffic cameras is influential in decisions regarding future road development and construction.

CCTV Outdoor Portable Safety Cameras are perfect for site security, project management and traffic monitoring.